when there is nothing left to burn...

you have to set yourself on fire.

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ughhhhh im so tired i was in the math lab for like 7482 hours today and i finished my assignments but still failed the test, it was so hard. whatever, i can still pass as long as i get a 75 or above on the final on mond which i heard is pretty easy.

so today i was supposed to go with matt and his gma out to eat to sushi but due to the weather it didnt happen, whcih really sucks. so instead i spent the day being incredibly tired and mopy and a blob of goop mushing all over the place.

now after i spent the day in math im so tired im going to eat with ariel and then pass out and sleep for 67 hours and i still need to do all of this work for my design class.

im so stressed and tired and jesus christ i want finals to end. i hate sculpture omg. kdjsfhg oh yea

and montclair was ranked among standford U, UPENN, and all of these other great schools for their teaching program, which is think is effing sweet, so i might just be an art education major due to the fact that i am incapable of making up my mind, and i really dont think my art is anything special. it's okay, not like so original, maybe id be better hanging out with kids and showing them how to express themselves, that would be fun...

need sleep

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Sara!! It's Gaby! I'm adding you. :D

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