when there is nothing left to burn...

you have to set yourself on fire.

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hey all. i havent done a post to the general public in a while, seeing as basically all of my stuff is friends only. but i'm writing this just to check and see if any of my friends out there still is on lj, that is not friends with me! so if you wanna be friends, just comment on this, and if i like you well maybe i will add you.

and also-life update-

my life is pretty good lately, i worked at godiva today and it was great! then i hoped right over to victoria's secret, it ended up being 7 hours of work (standing) with no brake at all, but hey i'm a warrior. school in the fall, i'm semi excited. this semester should hopefully be a lot better than the last two. anddd yea, just living.


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yyou have a job at godiva? oh my god, talk about tempting

lol omg i know i had to fill in the almond praline rain drop and they are like my favortiteee

I thought I was a friend.

Nice to hear your doing well.

And you should definitely write a post about what the "animal" religion entails! :-D

(Deleted comment)

oh it's joey I forgot to log in hahahaah

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