when there is nothing left to burn...

you have to set yourself on fire.

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hey all. i havent done a post to the general public in a while, seeing as basically all of my stuff is friends only. but i'm writing this just to check and see if any of my friends out there still is on lj, that is not friends with me! so if you wanna be friends, just comment on this, and if i like you well maybe i will add you.

and also-life update-

my life is pretty good lately, i worked at godiva today and it was great! then i hoped right over to victoria's secret, it ended up being 7 hours of work (standing) with no brake at all, but hey i'm a warrior. school in the fall, i'm semi excited. this semester should hopefully be a lot better than the last two. anddd yea, just living.


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ughhhhh im so tired i was in the math lab for like 7482 hours today and i finished my assignments but still failed the test, it was so hard. whatever, i can still pass as long as i get a 75 or above on the final on mond which i heard is pretty easy.

so today i was supposed to go with matt and his gma out to eat to sushi but due to the weather it didnt happen, whcih really sucks. so instead i spent the day being incredibly tired and mopy and a blob of goop mushing all over the place.

now after i spent the day in math im so tired im going to eat with ariel and then pass out and sleep for 67 hours and i still need to do all of this work for my design class.

im so stressed and tired and jesus christ i want finals to end. i hate sculpture omg. kdjsfhg oh yea

and montclair was ranked among standford U, UPENN, and all of these other great schools for their teaching program, which is think is effing sweet, so i might just be an art education major due to the fact that i am incapable of making up my mind, and i really dont think my art is anything special. it's okay, not like so original, maybe id be better hanging out with kids and showing them how to express themselves, that would be fun...

need sleep

i am the happiest i have ever been, thats all that matters. jesus fucking christ.

sooo cute!!


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i'm able to buy porn and lotto, and i can vote!

i am a legal citizen, woot!

so matt came to my aunts hannukah party today, and it well really well. he and i went together, and he really liked my cosuins, and my aunt/uncle, and they all really liked him. it was so great! it was the first time i ever had a boyfriend meet family, but i feel so comfortable with him, that it went so smoothly. i just love him so much, he's such a great boyfriend, best friend, human being in general. he's so sweet, and yet, real. he's not afraid to express what he feels, and he's a gentleman, and just, we're perfect together.

so i called my mom afterward, and she told me she absoutely loves him. she told me, "if i had to pay a matchmaker a million dollars, they couldn't find me a better match for you". she really just loves how he comes from a good, in tact home. and the fact that he's not jewish doesn't faze her at all. which is how it should me, all that matters is that your mate  is a good person, good for you, and that you love each other. religion really doesn't matter for me, and it shouldn't matter unless you're really religious, which i'm not, and honestly, i don't care about that. i'm just so happy that i feel like i found my other half, it's incredible. we have such a deep connection, and i feel like everyone can see that. :)

i'm really in love, and i'm really in a mature relationship. we talk about everything, and i just, its so perfect.

goodnight all, i hope all is well!!

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okay,okay, so i made an amazing wishlist for all you people out there considering getting me something for my 18th bday in 10 days :)


here it is


so i formed a detailed schedule for next semester. i even planned out the exact times, professors, everything. i have to go do it on nov 12th.

classes are:

college writing 2
figure drawing
foundation 3D design
art history-ren to modern
speech (requirement)

and my earliest class starts at 10:00 am, and my latest is figure drawing at a whopping 3:20

woot, it works out really well actually. gah my teeth hurt, i put my retainer in last night.

so-- last night i was actually crying about how much i miss my friends. you guys mean the world to me, really.

i really really really want my own place to live, decorate, like...i want an apartment so fucking bad.

i keep on getting sick, and its really bothering me. i just got pink eye, and i had a number of different things this past month i just havent been writing about.


god, i really really really just want my own space. i want an apartment and i want my own room, and i need to be clean and healthy.

i love my boyfriend so much. he gives me massages when im sick and he goes with me to the health center, and he is just such a good guy to me.


ugh i hate being sick, i want to go home...i am this weekend which im excited abouttt

so this weekend has been incredible. friday was amazing with matthew, and then yesterday i went to ariel's house, her dad picked us up. he is such a cool guy, and she has 2 kitties, they are so adorable.

i used to have such a shitty perception of nj, but around her it looks just like long island, and i felt at home!

anyway, so we went to whole foods and bought a bunch of good food for our dorm, then cvs and i got some sexy nail color, and then we went to her korean friend sue's church thing for like 15 mins, her friends are so nice!!

after that, her parents took us out to this amazing turkish restaurant. it was incredible. i've definitely become more cultured food wise since i met ariel. i mean, her dad is the owner of this amazing latin-fushion restaurant in the upper west side. it's so funny, everytime he takes me out out to eat, he's like "try this!!" to everything, he really wants me to try new foods, its awesome. i really feel comfortable with her family, its almost like they're my uncle and aunt.

her kitty molly is so cute! she has this big mush face, kjsdhf i miss kelsy and haley!!

anyway, there is an open house going on today, so i'm gonna go to the sculpture room and work on my welding junk together piece. woot! free food:)

bye loves!!

yup yup
so its matt and i's one month! we're going out to dinner tonight and seeing the darjleeng limited :)

yayaya anddd im really excited!

me and my roomies are going to boston the first weekend of november just for fun, its gonna be kickass. i love being close to the city. and although its annoying how its a commuter school, i also really dont mind cause like all of my friends have cars and we all leave campus a lot, so thats a plus. and montclair's town is so fucking cute i can not get over it. its like nicer than huntington village, and its bigger and there like gourmet restaurants, and bead shops, and urban outfitters, its such a cute artsy town, i love it!!

yayayayaya. its so convenient being close to the city, even if the train doesnt run on weekened, im figuring out other methods. gretell told me anytime on the weekend if i wanna go in she'll pick me up and bring me to her town train station and it brings you to the city in like 15 minutes. :)!

oh man, and last night ariels dad took me and her out to dinner at this place raymond's i've already been there like 3 times, its so fucking good. we sat outside in the beautifulness, and i have amazing calamari, and roasted chicken and orgasmic brownie thing for dessert. and theres this amazing cookie bar like next door to raymond's which is in town, and its like jksdhfjh so good

so, therefore when you come and visit me we are going to fucking town and eating some good food!

i'm so happy how close i am with my roomies, we really are like best friends. its so good, we all like respect each other, and we don't fight, and we like work together, its so good. its a very loving relationship.

so, i guess i really do love montclair. its growing on me, a lot. the art department is so good, we have an amazing MFA program people from around the world come to get their MFA here, i saw some booklets, its awesome.

yea, and i'm slowing down on weed, too, which is a good thing. i want to focus more on my studies, and i figure if i want to relax and take a toke, i'm only going to do it when i'm done with my work, and on weekends, maybe. basically, i don't want to fuck my life over, i want to do well, have a good internship, and i want to be successful. i can make it if i put my mind to it, i know it. anyway, i really need to shower, matthew and i are having a hot date tonight, yaya! :)

i hope everyone is doing well, and staying happy!


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